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You are financially successful, yet it is as though you have had a business partner all your life who never comes to work and demands a significant portion of your earnings in the form of income taxes. When you invest, this partner demands a portion of your appreciation in the form of capital gains taxes. When you are ready to pass a lifetime of hard-earned assets on to your loved ones, this same partner demands yet another large percentage of your assets in the form of estate taxes. Do you often wonder if it's somehow possible to modify this inequitable partnership, with the IRS, so that you can keep more of what you make?

taxIf so, you're not alone; taxes are the largest expense for most high net-worth families. That's why our tax services go beyond the mere preparation of tax returns. The effective design and implementation of tax minimization strategies has been the cornerstone to financial success for our clients. Our tax specialists' thorough knowledge of changing regulations and special nuances in tax laws is a critical component to our holistic approach to tax planning.

Tax mitigation is more than just a numbers game; it is a highly personal and emotional issue that can make or break your family's financial future. In order to accumulate and preserve significant wealth, it is essential to convert tax dollars into tax savings and investment assets.

We work with our clients to identify the right strategies to minimize taxes and to plan accordingly in the areas of investments, insurance and retirement planning. Unlike many tax practitioners, we focus on tax planning throughout the year, constantly communicating with clients and actively seeking tax efficiency.

Regardless of the size of your estate or your income, tax matters require careful attention. Each year, over a billion dollars is overpaid in taxes by inept, paid tax preparers and do-it-yourself taxpayers. At Newport Private Capital, you can be assured that the preparation and filing of federal and state income tax, gift tax, and estate tax returns are handled by experienced Certified Public Accountants.